More and more women nowadays are being warned of the different breast cancer symptoms that have been taking the lives of many adult women all over the world.  Once a woman has seen these breast cancer symptoms, she should consult health experts right away.

Breast cancer symptoms can be detected easily by women through breast self examination when taking a bath, while standing on a mirror or when lying down.  

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women, which can be deadly. It does not only affect women, but men as well. Men’s breast has also breast tissues that also look like the women’s breast. These tissues can also be attacked by the cancer cells. Thus, they should also observe the presence of breast cancer symptoms.

Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October has been declared as the Breast Cancer Awareness  Month. It is conducted by a breast cancer group, which includes survivors of breast cancer. These people go to the public through seminars, conventions and through the help of media. They inform people about the different breast cancer symptoms, stages of breast cancer, different types of breast cancers, the treatments and the chance of survival for people with breast cancer. They also give moral support and word of encouragement to those who are also suffering from breast cancer. The information they give regarding breast cancer symptoms and other things are also tackled in many magazines, newspapers, tv programs and blogs.

Why do they put emphasis on these breast cancer symptoms? They give emphasis on these because there are still many women who neglect the presence of breast cancer symptoms, making the treatment difficult and their chance for survival poor. Despite of the awareness program done by many groups, there are still women who are ignorant of the breast cancer symptoms particularly those who are in the low socio-economic brackets.

Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms

Breast cancer has the typical signs and symptoms of cancer. The following are the breast cancer symptoms and signs that you should observe:

1. Lump or lumps that is not painful. These can be palpated by performing self breast examination a week before or after your menstrual period.  Not all lumps are cancerous, so examination through a biopsy is needed in order to confirm if it is carcinoma.

 2. Presence of nipple discharge. Upon palpating your breasts, press your nipples one at a time. Normally, there should be no discharge unless you are a lactating mother.

3.  The nipple is turned inward. Women with inverted nipples should not be afraid but those who have this change should be aware.

4. The skin of the breast, nipples and areola resembles the skin of an orange ( peau d’orange). This is caused by the blockage of the lymph vessels in the skin by the cancer cells.

5. The person rapidly loses weight. This is a typical sign in most cancer patients because cancer cells get the nutrients, leaving no or minimal nourishment to the normal cells.

6. Other changes on the breast are thickening of the breast, dimpling, changes in the symmetry, and enlargement of the lymph nodes specially under the arm should be noted.

Whether these breast cancer symptoms are cancerous or not, it is best to consult your doctor to treat these abnormalities and to examine you further. If you are positive for breast cancer, an early detection can yield to a better result.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms

There is another kind of breast cancer that is very aggressive and deadly. This is called Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC). It attacks women in just a few weeks or months. It is mistaken by many physicians as an ordinary breast inflammation and often given antibiotics to combat infections. Unfortunately, most women who are diagnosed to have this type of breast cancer are usually on the late stage, so they mostly die even after treatment.

Aside from the typical breast cancer symptoms, the following are also present:

1. The breast looks inflamed, hot and painful when touched.

 2. The person feels heaviness and with a burning sensation on the affected breast.

3. The breast rapidly increases in size and feels itchy.

4. Bruise or bruises are also present and they do not go away.

The origin or cause of breast cancer is unknown. It cannot be prevented according to some, but its effects can be minimized once detected earlier by performing breast self examination once a month and by a thorough medical check-up using mammography, ultrasound, biopsy and many others at the age of 40 and above. Early detection should be done once these breast cancer symptoms appear, so medical intervention can be done particularly by those who are at risk to breast cancer.

Once these breast cancer symptoms appear, go to your doctor. The doctor will perform further tests to confirm its diagnosis because some of these breast cancer symptoms mimic other breast problems like mastitis, fibroadenoma, cystic hyperplasia  and many others.

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